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                   Welcome to                                   Latella Chiropractic

1143 B Executive Circle
Suite 102
Cary, NC 27511

Office:      (919) 386-1081
      Fax:      (919) 439-0103


Office hours by appointment only
Closed Thursdays


Look for our office in Trent Square






My office is the blue door in this picture. Just look for Rene' Latella DC and ring suite 102 for me to buzz you in!

Early morning appointments and late
night appointment available
upon request

"What separates me from other chiropractors, is that prior to adjusting your spinal joints, I do work to the muscles of your back to relax them. This makes for a better overall experience and more effective treatment. I also provide a more personal experience, by allowing longer treatment times."

-Rene' Latella DC

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Rene' Latella DC

Latella Chiropractic PLLC

1143 B Executive Circle

Suite 102

Cary, NC 27511


Phone:  919-386-1081

Fax:  919-439-0103




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