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Rene' Latella, DC, is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls New York .

"What separates me from other chiropractors, is that prior to adjusting your spinal joints, I do work to the muscles of your back to relax them. This makes for a better overall experience and more effective treatment. I also provide a more personal experience, by allowing longer treatment times. I have found this to be essential to developing a relationship of trust and comfort with my previous patients, and to ensure that my patients have left with their chiropractic needs addressed. Check out their comments on the testimonials page and see what they all say about me", Rene' Latella DC

Rene' Latella DC has wanted to be a chiropractor even since she was a young child watching her father who was a chiropractor treat his patients with great success.   

She has practiced chiropractic in New York, New Hampshire and now North Carolina.  She was very active in her community in New Hampshire and is a past president of the Rochester Junior Chamber of Commerce. She was a member of the Rochester Chamber as well and feels giving back to the community is extremely important.


She truly feels that eating a healthy diet and balancing that with exercise is key to living a happy fulfilled life.  If you as a patient want to know more about this low carb, no sugar, moderate protein and high good fats diet she is very willing to talk with you about her journey. It's now a lifestyle and a very satisfiying one at that.

She treats her patients on average longer compared to other chiropractors because she does muscle work along with adjusting their spinal joints. The office in Cary, North Carolina is pictures below. She uses numerous techniques that she studied in chiropractic college in Seneca Falls as well as other new techniques that all help her patients to get our of pain and back to living.          

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Rene' Latella DC

Latella Chiropractic PLLC

         140 Preston Executive Drive,                               Ste 100D

Cary, NC 27513
Phone:  919-371-8844




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