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This is what my patients say about how I treat them through chiropractic.                   




Picture is of three patients who had come in the office wearing the Latella Chiropractic T-Shirts. Fun patients!

Patient Testimonies


We love our patients and appreciate each and everyone of you!










Like always you get everything perfect!  A. 


Excellent service that you always give your patience. Fuquay-Varina



Rene has magic hands! I have severe osteo arthritis and getting treatments allow me to function . Patricia


Wonderful! Really asked good questions and listened to my answers about any issues I was having. Excellent treatment with a variety of treatment modalities! -- Sondra,



Rene is a miracle worker!-Laura, Holly Springs


Very positive visit and I'm hopeful for good results- Cary


I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my shoulder and back feel. Terrific visit, Ginny, Cary


Love going to Dr. Latella! She was very thorough in her assessment and listened intently to me about what I need help with on my body. I left her office feeling great.--Sabrina, Durham


Dr. Rene Latella is an awesome chiropractor and really cares about your well being. I have been in her care since June of 2015 and she has made such a big difference in my daily life. Can't give her enough praise.--Sarah


Dr. Latella is an amazing Chiropractor. She really takes the time to listen and figure out what's wrong with your body and help you feel your best. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a truly caring and skilled Chiropractor.--Diana C


Dr. Latella is quite probably the most talented chiropractor I've encountered for the many years I've been using holistic healing for my lower back. She is unique in that she employs techniques no other chiropractor has used on me in the past. Dr. Latella listens to you and actually isolates your area of concern effectively and efficiently. She is not a "cookie cutter" mentality. Each session is built around your current discomfort zones and she won't stop until it's understood they are resolved. Creative, thinks out of the box, kind, caring, understanding and highly intelligent . . . Dr. Rene Latella is the best chiropractor you'll find anywhere in the great state of North Carolina. She's blessed with natural talent and a gift of healing. I consider myself lucky to have found here . . . .Bob C., Apex, NC
Dr. Latella is an amazing chiropractor. I have been gong to chiropractors for years and have never found one like her. She is a very knowledgeable and kind person. She listens to you when you tell her what is going on. Dr. Latella never rushes you in and out of her office like most chiropractors. She really cares about her patients. She relaxes you with a massage and then gives you great adjustments. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and she has helped me tremendously. When I walk out of her office I feel like a new person.
Jayne B


"I have been to several Chiropractors over the years, but never have I visited one like Dr. Latella. She listens, then has several different methods to make a difference to relieve whatever issue comes up. After being a patient regularly for several months, my favorite part now is that I typically don't even have to tell her where my issues are. She has an amazing touch and is so intuitive - she is ranges from very gentle to vigorous depending on the situation and is always spot on for me. I wouldn't go anywhere else, Dr. Latella is the best!" -Jim
"I had to let everyone know what an amazing Dr. and person Dr. Rene is. I'm fairly new to Cary and I have a few medical conditions going on that no other Dr.'s have been able to help me with. I was constantly faced with just being given one prescription after another (that don't work).
I was honestly giving up on ever finding a Dr. that could help me or who would even treat me with dignity. I was out of ideas until I remembered (from before I got sick) that taking a natural approach to healing is always helpful & I somehow happened upon Dr. Rene's website.
After reading about her approach, I immediately called to make an appointment. Dr. Rene is extremely kind & caring and she really listens to everything that is going on with you & she then uses her knowledge & experience to link everything and explain it to you so you can understand what your body is telling you. I can honestly say that I've never met a more compassionate or caring Dr. Her chiropractic adjustments are amazing because she first relaxes the muscles. After being treated by her, you will never want to go anywhere else again. I feel extremely blessed to have found Dr. Rene & I highly recommend her." -Dee
"I have known Dr. Rene for many years. I appreciate the time she takes to listen to me
And her technique in relaxing my muscles before she proceeds with the adjustment.
She treats the body as a whole, is very helpful and knowledgable with ideas to what
may be a cause to an ongoing issue within.
She is a unique Chiropractor with a very special touch!" -Kellie
"I am a 68 year old, postmenopausal woman, who has suffered with back and neck pain for more than 20 years. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and "Dr. Rene" Latella is by far the most knowledgeable and compassionate I have ever been treated by! She takes the time to LISTEN to you and also the time to explain to you how you can help yourself recover and feel better. She is very gentle when adjusting the body and I appreciate the massages both before and after the adjustments. I think it makes them "stick" better. My experience with Dr. Rene has been extremely positive and I can highly recommend that you take advantage of her healing practice!" -Judy

"Rene treated my husband today for ongoing neck and back trouble. She was very thorough in her new patient intake listening to what his concerns were and taking the time to understand his needs and the overall assessment of his current health. Rene did not recommend unnecessary treatments as some Chiropractors do, she was specific on what follow up would be needed to ensure he continues to be pain free. We cannot thank Rene enough for her genuinely caring demeanor, professionalism and assistance...she is awesome and we highly recommend her!" - Paige-  Holly Springs

" THE absolute BEST there is!  Renee helped me live with minor scoliosis and the havoc that 2 pregnancies wreaked on my back, shoulder, and neck!  She believes in the whole package when it comes to healing- mind, body, and soul- so visits with her are more in depth than just a back crack.  Renee genuinely cares about each and every one of her patients, and will take the time to help you in any way possible!  I have referred countless people to her practice, and everyone came back with rave reviews! " -Jamie- Cary

"I am 66 years old and got a rotator cuff injury from doing yoga.  Rene helped tremendously to help me heal.  I have been to many chiropractors during my life and Rene is, by far, the best, combining both massage, adjustments, and other treatments including exercises.  Rene is a very knowledgeable, kind, and healing person.  I can highly recommend her!" - Judy D.- Raleigh


"In 2003 I had a serious back injury that required surgery that many Doctors said would be the end to my professional athletic career (at age 35). Little did they know I had a secret weapon to recovery, Dr Latella. Rene brings an old fashion feel to her practice, like your family but with all the modern learning that gives you the confidence she's going to find the spot and treat it perfectly. Fast forward nearly 10 years now and I'm still able to compete at a high level because of the continued excellent treatments from Dr Rene. Saying thank you to Dr Rene doesn't seem enough, but know it's truly from my heart". - Scott L.

"I have had several treatment by Dr Rene and with every one I have felt excellent after each of her treatment and massage." -Betty

"Dr. Latella is the absolute best! Any and every time I need her she gets me in, and always makes sure that I'm feeling better before I leave her office! She has seen me through injuries, pregnancy, scoliosis, and the overall physical stress of caring for my small children- my back/neck/shoulders thank her for it! Her holistic approach is invaluable. Dr. Latella always looks at the big picture- mind, body & soul- and truly cares about all three. I recommend her to everyone I know who needs a chiropractor, and I now have many friends and family members who see her (and rave about her, too)!" -Jamie L

"Several years back I was faced with the realization that my highly skilled career might be over, until an associate suggested a certain treatment course that only selected chiropractors are trained in. After several months of manipulation, thankfully I progressed to the point that I could barely remember the pain I had previously experienced. I am very fortunate that Renée was trained in this treatment as it has saved my lifelong career." -Elaine R.

"I have had Chiropractic care since I was 19, I am now 42.. I had seen roughly 7 chiropractors before I met Rene. I believe in Chiropractic but I was not getting results I was hoping for. A nursing friend of mine swore by Rene and I needed care and a change of practitioner. After my first visit I could see dramatic differences in her approach. The word care in her case starts with a capital C. She is interested in whole health healing and provides the most comprehensive exam and treatment I have ever received from any doctor. She is accessible, knowledgeable and thorough in all ways." -Laurie M

"It is obvious that Rene Latella DC is passionate about her profession. She is thorough, highly knowledgeable and well skilled in the delivery of her chiropractic services. I would recommend her to anyone." -Darla G

"Dr. Latella is one of the most thorough doctors I have ever met. I have several neck, upper back and shoulder issues. With out her care, I would not be able to function in normal everyday life. She has helped me to manage the pain and to keep my back in line so that I can perform daily tasks with greater ease. She ALWAYS takes the extra time to make sure she treats the whole person!!! What a blessing it has been to have her to work on me!!"-Christina

"I saw Rene last year and loved her adjustments that she did on my shoulder. I love that she does the Holistic Therapy and she is very professional too. Rene is very personable and I would highly recommend her" -Kate B

"Dr. Latella is the most take talented chiropractor I have ever been to. Her addition of muscle work to her treatments makes a world of difference and she somehow knows how to give just the right amount of pressure to coax stubborn areas without causing pain. Her adjustments themselves always make me so much better. I have been to other chiropractors. Rene is by far the best I have ever been to." -Jennifer L.

Dr Rene took care of my back for about 5 years and kept it in great shape. She knows her stuff and gives you a 110 % treatment. -Jacquie W.

"This being my first visit to a Chiropractor, I was somewhat afraid. I must
say I was very pleasantly surprised and have only the most positive things to say about her. Dr. Renee, as I refer to her, is a professional and a most compassionate doctor. She TRULY listens to your every word and offers a wealth of information is diagnosing ones symptoms. I feel very comfortable and confident in her care. We need more of this kind of practice is a rarety in these busy times."- Christine A. M.

"I was a patient of Rene's for about 2 years, it was great to go see her and the care and time she takes with her patients. Always felt better after leaving and was always looking forward to next visit. it was a great experience every time. she helped with lower back isssues and next issues." - Tammy C

"Rene combines traditional chiropractic treatment with deep massage on targeted areas which allows my body to return to it's proper alignment- and stay there!- thanks to the muscles being addressed along with my skeletal structure. Rene in an outstanding Chiropractor who takes the time to understand what your problem areas are and addresses each area thoroughly and till you have found relief. She will also teach you stretches you can be doing at home to prolong the positive effects of your adjustment." -Britten K.

Dr. Latella is a miracle worker. Her treatment methods are far superior to other chiropractor's I have gone to. She has helped me tremendously! -Denice S.

I am a mother and health care professional with a physically demanding job and an active lifestyle. My children and my job cannot afford for me to be out of commission because of back and neck pain. Before going to Rene Latella, I was taking daily OTC pain relievers just to get by. Rene Latella, of Latella Chiropractic, is the reason I can live my day to day life without pain. Her level of professionalism and patient dedication are beyond comparison. A second generation chiropractic who understands her patients and makes you feel like she will do whatever it takes to relieve your pain and discomfort. I could not recommend her more. -Kara T.

"I am a patient of Dr. Latella because she is a kind, sensitive and caring professional. She is not only an outstanding Chiropractor but her method of treatment is an excellent adjunct to holistic healing." -Joyce N

"Dr Rene was my first chiropractor and my most favored. She goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the greatest adjustment by helping relax the muscles surrounding the adjustment area. She focuses on the whole you - and offers advice on how to live a pain free more relaxed life. There is truly no doctor MD or DC that shows more compassion or care for her patients." -Jenn G.

"I have Psoriatic Arthritis, and a lot of back and neck problems. I've been to many chiropractors. Since I have been going to Dr. Latella I have notice a great difference in the way I feel. She adjusts my body and relieves all my tension with her techniques. By the time I leave there I feel like a new person". -Jayne B.

"Rene, your care is stellar. I can't say enough about how you not only helped my back and body but how your care helped me from the inside out! You are always so positive, upbeat and kind. I looked forward to my sessions with you tremendously. You truly care about each and every one of your patients and it always meant a lot. NH's loss was NY's gain...that is for sure. I miss you more than you know and my back misses you even more than that!" -Stephanie B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Rene Latella since a rock climbing accident several years ago. I had been doing physical therapy after the accident for a torn ham string muscle but it didn't seem to help much. After my first visit with Rene, it was much better and she worked with me for several months to get it back to normal. After the accident I was barely able to walk without excruciating pain and the treatments she gave me makes it possible so that today I can walk, run, exercise, work in the yard and lead a fairly normal life. I like to see her on a monthly basis to keep my back and muscles where they are supposed to be." -Linda D

"Rene is a fantastic chiropractor, I've seen several in the past few years and she is by far the nicest most caring one I've been to. Normally, a chiropractor rushes you in and out and you don't have time to ask questions. Rene, on the other hand, takes her time to really treat her patients. It is obvious that she cares about your health and well being. She asks questions and LISTENS and can even suggest supplements and exercises etc. that she feels may help. Believe it or not, she was also able to help me with my sinus headaches!
I highly recommend Rene, you will LOVE her! " - Lorrin

"I've been to a handful of chiropractors but I received the best chiropractic care with Dr. Latella. Not only did she improve my back and neck discomfort but the soothing massage she also included added an element of relaxation that seemed to help in my healing process and even made it so that I enjoyed my treatments and looked forward to them. And the atmosphere she provided was also very relaxing. I'd recommend her to anyone!"-Michelle M.

"Rene is a Chiropractor who is very well liked. Having back and neck issues for years she was the first real doctor who helped me out. Rene is very personable and wants to work with you, She is great at what she does and cares for all of her patients. Rene treats you as an equal not working or talking to you as if she is above you. " -Stephanie A

"An adjustment by Rene is the best present I could give my body. She knows how to read bodies so well and understands what is needed to help you feel better. I always walked out of her office feeling 2 inches taller, like I was walking on a cloud!" -Bethany P

"We relied on Rene for our chiropractic services for several years. We started going to her when she was located in Rochester, NH and continued to see her on her monthly return trips from New York. Her methods and techniques are undoubtedly the best experience that we both have encountered for chiropractic services. We definitely miss her treatment(s),methods and wonderful personality. We have found another chiropractic service, however, the quality of care does not compare to what we received from Rene" -Al L

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